I recently had to replace about a thousand square feet of carpet in my home. I made a thorough tour of carpet stores in the area, looking at carpet, talking to salespeople, and ended up getting five different appraisals for the job.

The folks at Shelton Lee (Tom) were by far the most helpful, and knowledgeable, and followed through with info and provided the most detailed explanation of the cost and considerations, and pointed out to me some things that were necessary that I hadn’t considered. I ended up going with one of the most expensive carpets, for which three of the stores didn’t really have anything comparable. Their price was very good in that it was about $2000 less than the estimate from the one other place with the exact same carpet.

The installation was perfect and everything cleaned up. it’s not often that I end up being this unreservedly happy with something I buy or some service. I highly recommend Shelton Lee Flooring.

Paula O.
Modesto, CA