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With many stylish patterns and colors to choose from, hardwood floors offer unlimited decorating flexibility. They are the perfect backdrop for an elegant dining room, or any room in the home. In addition to offering a look that’s just right for any decor, the natural beauty of a hardwood floor never goes out of style.

Important Points to Consider When Choosing A Wood Floor

Room Size

When choosing a color keep in mind that a dark floor makes the room seem smaller, lending a more intimate atmosphere. A lighter color in a smaller room will make the room feel more spacious.

Color of Existing Cabinetry

Choose a color that will either enhance or contrast your current furnishings and cabinets. If your cabinets are a brown tone choose a floor in a brown tone. If you are trying to achieve a contrast in your room, keep in mind that white cabinets look great with any color floor.

Durability in Traffic Areas

Not all wood floors are created equal. New technologies have greatly improved performance and durability. Choose a wood floor that resists stains, water spotting, and wear especially in high traffic areas. Ask about the no-wax ultraviolet cured polyurethane finish being used on your floor.

Natural Light Sources

Keep in mind that natural light and incandescent or florescent light sources will contribute to the appearance of your floor. Look at the sizes of your windows, the direction they face, and the other light sources in your room. View your wood selection in the same lighting as will be used at home.


Any room traditional or contemporary can be complimented by wood floors. There are varied wood species, widths and finishes to choose from. Consider your personal style when choosing a wood floor. For traditional decors, a random width plank looks great. Single-width planks are used in contemporary settings. Darker woods have a more formal look, lighter woods tend to give a more casual feeling. PLANK WIDTH A narrow width board will visually expand a room. A wider board will usually work better in a larger room.

Edge Style

A plank with a beveled edge can help delineate detail in the natural wood. A plank with a square edge provides a smooth look across the entire room.