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The most important consideration in buying a rug is finding something that speaks to both you and your house, something that will bring a smile to your face every time you see it.

The perfect area rug will finish a room much in the same way a beautiful bouquet of flowers adds that touch of elegance that can only be found in its colors and warmth.

In addition to these below, we can help you create anything you can imagine with the many beautiful styles of carpet we present in our showroom. We are here to help you find the perfect addition to your home.


matsCustomers rely on Mats Inc. for functional, aesthetic, and environmentally-friendly products across three major lines of business: Entrance Systems, Matting and Specialty Products, Sports Flooring, and Contract Flooring. read more


matswSince 1966, our philosophy has remained consistent and simple: we work with national retailers to identify, install and manage the very best flooring solutions. What began as a mat rental and laundering company, Matworks has evolved into an innovative leader in the flooring industry, providing both product and service. read more


2tec2tec2 was launched in 2005 and is designed and woven in Belgium. The brand is part of a family owned company with a tradition in the textile industry. 2tec2’s goal is to provide innovation into today’s commercial floorings proposition with a new hybrid type of flooring including area rugs. read more


boloIt’s a story we’ll never tire of hearing. Over 60 years ago in Stockholm, Sweden an idea sparked into life. Textile waste became rag rugs and Bolon was born. In many ways, our founder Nils-Erik Eklund was ahead of his time and today, his ability to see opportunity where others couldn’t still inspires us. read more


suryaSurya’s mission is to be the go-to resource for coordinating home accessories, including rugs across a diverse range of lifestyles and budgets and to simplify the buying experience for designers, retailers and end consumers. From classic to contemporary our options fit every lifestyle and budget. read more

Davis & Davis

davisThe Miller Davis Group has been a leader in manufacturing 100 perfect New Zealand wool rugs and carpeting for residential, commercial, aviation, and marine customers for over 30 years. read more

Fabrica Area Rugs

fabricaFabrica features the best quality finishes. These rugs are recognized for their singular beauty and exceptional quality. Using superior materials, state-of-the-art technology, and highly skilled craftsmen, Fabrica creates rugs that offer “Quality Without Compromise”.
read more

Masland – Heirloom Area Rugs

maslandEach company within The Dixie Group family designs and manufactures products that benefit the people who create them, as well as the people who use them. The goal is to find the most effective ways to create those products from the beginning, in order to build a healthier planet for everyone. read more

Masland – Interview Area Rugs

maslandThe primary nylon supplier for the majority of our companies is Invista, whose Antron Legacy and Lumena fibers are both certified as Environmentally Preferable Products (EPP). The EPP rating looks at the Total Environmental Impact of a product throughout its life cycle and compares it to similar products. read more

Masland – LeShag Area Rugs

maslandMasland Contract has recently partnered with The Dow™ Chemical Company to begin using greener energy for powering the manufacturing processes of latex used for carpet backings. The Dow™ LOMAX™ Technology uses reclaimed methane gas from landfills as a renewable energy source, which will result in a significant reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. read more

Masland – Brink & Campman Area Rugs

maslandMasland is recognized as the styling leader and producer of new original products for the marketplace. Masland products exemplify originality, innovative construction and color treatment as well as lasting beauty. read more

Masland – Luxe Area Rugs

maslandOur rugs come with a two-year limited repair or replacement warranty. Masland Carpets & Rugs warrants to the initial purchaser and original seller that its carpets will be free from manufacturing defects for a period of two (2) years from date of delivery to the original seller. This is a limited warranty and contains specific exclusions and limitations. read more

Masland – Studio Area Rugs

maslandBold motifs elegantly infused with current color trends. Rugs that create a statement with inspiring pops of color through a simplistic and sophisticated approach, helping to deliver a work of art for the floor. The rugs are masterfully hand knotted in India through skilled weavers that carefully execute the patterns one knot at a time. read more

Masland – Zulu Area Rugs

maslandAll area rugs add style and luxurious comfort and, when properly selected and maintained, represents one of the best investments you can make in adding to the beauty of your home’s interior. Area rugs will enhance your home’s overall appearance. read more